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Festival Committee



Sourav Chakraborty

Festival Chairman

Meet Saurav Chakraborty, the Chairman of our festival and a prominent Bengali entrepreneur. As the Managing Director of Prismhub Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd., he's instrumental in shaping Bengali's online landscape. Beyond business, he's a dedicated advocate for human rights and culture. Saurav's company has birthed successful online brands like Kolkata Utsav and Kolkata News, while also orchestrating memorable events. With a background in film editing, he's driving the success of the IKSFF into its fifth year. Join us in celebrating his passion for cinema, and let's make this festival a memorable one together!


Saswati Guha Charkraborty

Festival Director

Meet  Saswati Guha Chakraborty, the Festival Director and visionary behind the popular start-up #Eventizer. In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, she pioneered the creation of a digital platform to support endangered creativity. With a background in Human Resource Management across multinational companies, Saswati brings a wealth of professional experience to her role. Alongside her career, she serves as a guest lecturer and is deeply involved in environmental and cultural activism. A talented lyricist and movie enthusiast, Saswati has skillfully led the festival for the past three years, showcasing her competence and dedication.

Management Team


Joydeep Dey

Festival Content Manager


Subhas Das

Festival Web Designer


Swarajit Das

Festival Admin Assistant


Subhasri Das

Festival Creative Designer


Arnab Choudhury

Festival Creative Designer


Jhuma Mallick

Festival Admin Assistant


Ujjal Pahari

Festival SEO Expert


Raju Das

Back Office Executive

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